Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Santa on his way.

The Lighthouse Museum's third Primary age child Christmas Card Competition.

We received over a 170 entries.  Above is Chairman of the board's wife selecting a winner.


Here it is.

The DP has made the image to fit on cards and I made the cards.  Now on sale in the Gift Shop.

I also had the pleasant task of presenting the prizes to our winner.

 A Family Ticket for the museum, a hoodie with the lighthouse emblem on. a book about lighthouses, a poetry book on lighthouses, and a bag for life to put everything in.  Oh and her card being the official lighthouse card for 2014.

Comes to something when a primary school pupil is as tall as I am.  


1 comment:

Mum said...

Great card. The winner looks about 18! She'll be taller than me too.