Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Speedy Gonzales.

Wind speed recorded yesterday from the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses. 113mph.

The man holding on and measuring our very brave Business Manager.

Pretty scary.  What was more scary is that currently and for some weeks now we have had scaffolding around the Museum building while the roof is fixed.  Well the repairers appeared once.....  

Now I do believe we all knew this hurricane, tale end of albeit, was coming, and when.  It would have made sense for a check to be made of said scaffolding prior to this.  But no. 

 So come the Tail of the Hurricane Tuesday morning.

So we shut the cafe as the brave remaining staff, and (expendable) volunteers sipped coffee and watched......

Planks move like matches.
 Planks disappear.

Or make aim to hit anyone foolish enough to be beneath.

Do a jig,
 The cafe was closed.  

Then a plank fell off and shot across the car park.  The whole Museum was closed.

Then Superman appeared.

Or, more likely, an escapee from the lunatic asylum.

No helmet, no safety harness, just a ball of tape (string?)

That shadowy figure outside on the scaffolding in 113mph winds is wrestling with the planks and tying them together.  Scary or what.

After that I had to lie down in a darkened room.  Well, actually, I returned home, rather too quick with the wind behind me, and head for the shedudio.  In between painting I watched the cover over the logs head over the hedge, and branches snapping off, fortunately missing anything important.  Though Sith Cat, walking sideways, was an only just missed.

Do you think I can claim for Post Traumatic Stress?


Mum said...

We just had one compost bin fly away down the garden. Nothing as spectacular as flying scaffolding and Superman.

rusty duck said...

The Scots are a hardy lot. Have to be!

BadPenny said...

113 mph ? Bloody Hell !

Anonymous said...

That was indeed some storm, though here in Glasgow we didn't get the worst of it. I'm so glad that man, scaffolding, museum, shedudio and you (not least!) were all okay.