Saturday, 8 November 2014

Looking around.


Every so often the sea throws up something really interesting.

On Fraserburgh beach.  A boat wreck.  Wonder how long that has been there.  It has wooden nails, according to the DP.

31 August 1875 LOSS

Notes Fraserburgh, 31st Aug., During the terrible gale from the NNW today the services of the lifeboat of the National Institution on this station have been three times called into requisition, and she has been instrumental in saving the lives of twelve seamen. At about 10 o'clock a smack lying in the bay was observed to be flying a flag of distress, whereupon the lifeboat put out and rescued the crew of three men. Scarcely had she regained the harbour when a Banffshire boat, prosecuting the fishing in Fraserburgh bay, was upset by a heavy sea. Fortunately the lifeboat was able to reach the wreck in a few moments, and the whole crew, consisting of five men, were saved. But for this providential escape they must have all perished, as no other vessel could venture from the harbour. At about 1 p.m., a Norwegian smack showed a distress signal, when the lifeboat again proceeded to sea, reached the vessel, took the crew of four men on board, and landed them safely in the harbour. The smack will probably drift from her anchor and become a total wreck on the beach. While this telegram is being despatched another fishing boat is approaching the harbour in great [Record received incomplete].
NMRS, MS/829/70 (no. 4221).

Could be one of the above.  What struck me was how brave and still are our Lifeboat Men and Women.

Back here in the shedudio.

Ok it is an old photo.

I am on a roll with painting, penning, a series of pictures of Kinnaird Head Lighthouse.  These are then transformed into cards and will be for sale at the Lighthouse Museum.

I am trying to portray it from unusual viewpoints.

The above is through the Keepers Cottage Garden gate.  This one is finished.

The one below is just started, the sky was in reality much darker, as its the light lit on the Queens Silver Jubilee.  So a way to go.


I have also been asked to do the same with all the lighthouses built by the Stevensons in Scotland.   No pressure there then.  Also totally out of my comfort zone - but hey I am enjoying myself.  Actually thought it was Sunday today. .......

Be some looking around.......


Mum said...

Fame for the artist! Great pics.

Victoria Peel said...

Wow .. I've said it before .. but you are so talented! Just love the lighthouse pics... and especially the Keepers garden gate! .. fab!

You will be kept busy visiting all the lighthouses .. keep you out of mischief!

Vicky x