Thursday, 13 November 2014


ARCHIE's Art will raise funds for The ARCHIE Foundation’s appeal to make Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital ‘a world-class hospital for today and tomorrow’s sick children’.
ARCHIE’s Art takes place on November 12 and 13 at Wood Group’s Trafalgar House, Hareness Road, Altens, beginning at 6.30pm.

Wood Group employees have organised the event as part of their pledge to support The ARCHIE Foundation’s High 10 for Archie campaign, which sets out to raise £1 million to transform the ten key steps of a child's journey through the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital.

Wood Group is proud to host ARCHIE's Art - an exhibition showcasing artists from throughout the North and North East of Scotland and the Western Isles.

Well folks, one of those artists was me.  Most of the artists were Artists capital A. Professional.  I gulped at some of the price tags.  Which had 3 noughts at the end.....


As is my wont I let the cultural side down. Do I care?

As the great and good of the art world, and purchasers of !  gathered to view.  Sip their white fizz and indulge in the canapes, and have a good laugh at some of the work on show

Being forewarned that there was no red wine, I brought my own.

Chariot is ace for concealing bottles.  And no, the man to my left is not challenging me on smuggling it in.  I was quite honest about my nefarious activities.  I draw the line at bringing my own glass so explained my need of same to (very efficient and discreet waiting on staff.)  (The DP had asked if I would like a box of red strapped on to the chariot.  Perhaps next time.)

Should explain my expression.  This is my usual expression when the DP takes my photo, as he never says 'Smile' just presses the b****y button when I am not ready.

Just to prove it, here is another.  

Hope the local rag got a better one.  At least he said, "Look at me, ready, right."

As you will have seen from the blurb at the top the exhibition/raising funds is on for 2 nights.  One night was enough for me.  It took us almost 2 hours to get from where we live to Aberdeen.  30 plus miles.  I thought they must have evacuated Peterhead.  One expected nose to tail coming out of Aberdeen it being the going home time.  What I hadnt expected was the nose to tail from Peterhead going the same way as us.  No, I wasnt driving!

Now the best bit.

SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   50% of the sale price to Archies.

So I am celebrating tonight, glass of red of course.


Mum said...

Well done you. Have a glass for me.

rusty duck said...

Brilliant job. Cheers!

Terra said...

How cute to smuggle in a bottle of red wine, and splendid to sell your paintings in the fund raiser.