Friday, 28 November 2014

50 Shades of Grey.

No celebration of Black Friday here.  I am not shuffling along with hordes of germ riddled shoppers fighting in lumps in over heated, overcrowded shops.

First I went where there were no crowds, hopefully no germs, to my framers.  

Not only do I get a cup of coffee but words of wisdom.....

Two lighthouses to mount plus the penguin.

 Rattray Head Lighthouse at dawn - appropriately from a photo by the Dawn Patroller.

The words of wisdom led to the lighthouse being moved to the right a bit more .  Apparently there is some sort of mathematic equation one applies to draw the viewers eye in.
Well as soon as anyone mentions mathematics my brain shuts down.  So I cannot remember what it is called.  It may well be to do with thirds...... There were a lot of hand waving during this lesson.  So I just said, "Get on with it."

Not a lot of possibilities to apply the mathematical theorem to this one, so it will remain in the middle.

After a visit to my favourite place after the shed.

 Preliminary sketch of..... from the best seat in the cafe at Kinnaird Head.

I returned home through 50 shades of grey.

At 2.15p.m. this was the sky.  

 It has been like this for two days now.  From dawn til dusk.  We still have not had a frost. Hence the multitude of bugs and viruses,  unseasonably warm.  

Good job I have a daylight bulb in the shedudio as otherwise I would not be able to draw or paint.

Fortunately my hairdresser has the solution for 50 shades of grey.


Cut it off.



Victoria Peel said...

Dont mean to brag .. but we've had another lovely sunshiny day here.. no real frost. Like you say lots of bugs about .. we could do with a cold snap to kill um all off!

Vicky x

Lynn said...

Love the hair! And the paintings.
Lots of grey weather here and morning mists. Two frosts.
Am quite enjoying dark afternoons and log fires.

BadPenny said...

I went to a garden centre & avoided black Friday.
Great selfie - right in the middle !

Inger said...

I went to a monastery on Black Friday and shopped a little in the nuns' gift shop. It was lovely. I would love to get to know you and Scotland better, so I will become you latest follower. I like the solution to the 50 shades of grey. Just had mine cut too.

Anonymous said...

(I love Inger's celebration of Black Friday in a monastery!) Here in Glasgow it has been snowing, hailing, sleeting, sunny with rainbows, and very dark and grey again. I believe you have sunshine, which you richly deserve. Love your haircut! And I think your "lighthouse through the window" painting is a perfectly balanced composition.