Wednesday, 26 November 2014

John Lewis has not cornered the market on penguins.

Not being a fan of performing animals I did prefer the alternative John Lewis advert. But knowing some of my readers are possibly a bit prudish I chose not to share it here.

However the penguin is having an effect in other areas.

I received a commission to paint a penguin.

There are no penguins, to my knowledge in Buchan.

However the Dawn Patroller on one of his jaunts was at Edinburgh Zoo.

So here is my Penguin.

Which sold within seconds.

Perhaps I should do some more.


rusty duck said...

Prudish? Wash your mouth out Mrs.
Where can I find the alternative version???
And I love your penguin. You always manage to capture eyes so perfectly.

Victoria Peel said...

I'm not surprised it sold .. fab!

Vicky x

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Just to put your mind at rest, the penguin in the John Lewis ad was 100% computer animated. xx

justjill said...

Rusty Duck. Huffington Post.

Mum said...

Sounds lucrative to me. Pounds for penguins art.

BadPenny said...

Gorgeous Penguin. I love the end of the John Lewis ad - it makes sense !
Did hear how it was filmed by computer !