Monday, 8 December 2014

December? Almost missed it.

Well, no, not really.  

 I found these lights, gifted to me but, never used before.  They reflect in the opposite window of the shedudio so I look as if all lit!  (As it took me so long to put them up they will now be a permanent feature.)

More free stuff.

 Plan being the visitors spend a lot in the shop and the cafe!!!  And we get the locals in who are always up for a freebie.  Aren't we all....

Since I last blogged I did succumb to one germ floating about .  Although the chest infection - or exacerbation as they are called (?) - cleared pretty quickly thanks to my dear GP ensuring I have antibiotics ready at home, it still knocks the stuffing out.  Plus each time it takes longer to get back up.  I will not tell you how long it took me to clamber off and on a chair to get them b***** lights up.....

But you dont need much breath or muscle power to paint!

So I was able to fulfil this commission.  

 Although the bat eared one was a worry..................   and on the photos they were sitting on a bed.  Hm. ( Says she who cant turn over in bed due to one cat up the back and one anchoring the legs.)

So bring on the rest of December.  
Secret Santas and all. (Has anyone a fool proof solution to these?)

Oh! Almost forgot.  As some of you will remember we have always prided ourselves on buying a locally grown Christmas Tree.  Well this year we struggled.   Ended up with one from Aldi tho it was apparently grown in Scotland.  Well tis a big country.

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BadPenny said...

Pretty lights. Secret Santa - jess received Christmas themed knickers last year .... not impressed trying to work out who'd gifted them !

we do a three pound max gift from the charity shop lucky dip - this year I've organised Father Christmas to hand them out !

sweet dogs x