Monday, 2 June 2014


Been on the market for a month our house has, not one viewing.  The DP has cut the lawn far more times than in normal years, just in case ....

Garden looking magnificent.  Far more blooms than last year and much earlier.  Photographs below were taken at the beginning of  May.

 Masses of Cherry Blossom, unlike last year.  Spring bulbs beneath.

Rogersii sending up flower spike months earlier than normal.

Clematis Montana.

Clematis? Cant remember name.  But both still flowering.

Not shown - sorry - Laburnam and Lilac both magnificent and lots of it taken in to Art Group to be immortalised.

Now, back to viewing.  

First exhibition for people to view my art was at Strichen Church. 

I went in to have a look.  My offerings were all in the browser, as none were framed, just mounted.  I trawled through, trawled through again and then thought shock horror one has been nicked!!

 My Three French Hens had been sold!  One of the few to sell.  Well pleased.  (I dont know why I dont just churn hens out as they always sell.)

So back down the shedudio and readying oneself for more viewing as even more exhibitions loom.

 Currently 3 headless chickens.

Skurries (Herring Gulls) United.

Both on the drawing board.

And one ready for viewing.....

Heron.  Finished.

Right then.  Viewing.  Tuesday 10th of June.  9p.m. BBC 2 .  The programme with Janet Street Porter.  View.  


Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling your lovely painting, and on your other beautiful paintings as well. You have such a gift.

I very much hope to be able to watch the programme tomorrow but if not I will have recourse to iPlayer!

rusty duck said...

Beautiful work Jill, love the heron!

justjill said...

10th June is next week Christine. My daughters made the same mistake.x

Linda said...

congratulations on the sale of your picture, I'm sure there will be many more to follow. I keep reading about the so called recovery in the housing market and the boom in house prices - it may be the case down in London, but certainly where I live in the North East of England houses are still not selling and if anything people are having to reduce their asking price. Hope yours sells soon. Linda xx

BadPenny said...

Sold not nicked - that';s great new Jill