Saturday, 28 June 2014

Almost Over

An interesting and worthwhile exercise.  The gathering together of the three Art Groups who meet, at different times and different days, at Dalrymple Hall, Fraserburgh.  

I am an active member of two.  The Wednesday Art Group and D'Art who meet on Thursday afternoons.  

Broadsea Art Society meet on a Monday evening and I pay my subs and go to the "Summer Painting in Isabel's back garden ".

But in the main I dont do evenings.  But I do get the discount at Doug the framers for being a member!

So back to the exhibition.  We took over Dalrymple Hall.  Which meant me using the lift a lot as it is on two floors.  Joined with the Fraserburgh Photographic Society who actually started centuries ago at Dalrymple Hall, but havent been in there for centuries since.....

Hanging and displaying took place on Thursday.  I kept calm by doing as I was told.  A first for me.

Friday we were open from 10 til 5 and had a fairly quiet day... Friday night was the Private Viewing for the great and the good.  Lots of networking and yes, the red wine.


 The Artist as an Old Woman.  Sadly I discovered a design fault on the chariot.  Nowhere to put the wine.  Being sorted I can assure you.  Do note my lovely hooter tho and obligatory Lighthouse decoration.  

Behind my right ear is the horse I painted.  Behind my left ear one of my Chicken paintings.  Just above my wine glass is nothing to do with me.  Done by a real artist.

Quote from an Art Critic no less.....

'Home from Home was lucky enough to be invited to the FASE 1 private view this evening at the Dalrymple Hall in Fraserburgh. The work on show is mainly by amateur artists attending non-taught art classes in Fraserburgh, but the work is no poorer for that: this is no display of mere 'copyists', but a rich tapestry of gorgeously rendered and imaginatively constructed pieces. Isobel Beedie's and Doug Irvine's paintings displayed a creative use of mark-making and a departure from their previous representational work into abstraction while Ethel West's watercolours demonstrated a maturity and expertise in the use of her medium. Jill Chandler's stylised bird paintings showed her flair for colour and design, while Shona Lippe's soft focus graphite portraits and Bronwen Bartram's wildlife drawings were painstakingly executed. The photography in particular was exceptional, with a breadth of subject matter and a lack of sentimentality. On leaving the main hall, though, Home from Home's eye was caught by an unusual piece; a large pencil drawing of semi-urban landscape by Fiona Murdo. There was something curiously compelling about the subject matter and the style and we were reminded of the paintings of the late great R J Kitaj.
If the act of creativity is a homage to God, then we are tr
uly blessed in our town. Go see!! On show at the Dalrymple Hall until Sunday - free entry.

I had to have a lie down after reading that.

Today, Saturday, has been humming.  Lots and lots of visitors.  I sold one of mine, before being sent home.  

One of our very talented members sold almost everything.  Mostly to her very large extended family.  I think they are into money laundering.

Now home and finishing off the red wine that was left over from last night.  Yes, left over, even tho I was there!

Tomorrow is our final day.

Starts at 12 instead of 10 (as Fraserburgh is very religious, and everyone but me goes to church in the morning) til 5p.m. When we have to take it all down again.

Definitely be doing it again tho.

(Having read this back I am totally unsure why there is a different size font done by Blogger, not me.....)


BadPenny said...

This all looks wonderful Jill. I hope you get a good rest after all the excitement ! x

Christine Laennec said...

Fantastic, Jill! You do definitely have a flair. I love your chariot too. xox

rusty duck said...

You are looking in fine fettle Jill. Go girl!