Saturday, 14 June 2014


Feeling a bit weird as people come up to me and say, 
"I saw you on the tele, you were awfa guid." 

Although my physio did point out I was clearly struggling to breathe......(I had got out of a sick bed to be there, no way was I going to miss that opportunity!)

Apparently you can still watch it on BBC 2 I - player.  I am right at the end.  Best thing of course is the Museum got lots of free publicity.  As did Fraserburgh as before me there is a  fisherman being interviewed and they filmed at the Fish Market too.

Well, dear friends, last night I nearly went to Jail.  

We had our first viewing!!!  Yay.  

The Dawn Patroller did most of the charging round, cleaning, vaccing, mopping, (why is that men do brilliantly at cleaning but never actually look at ledges/window sills/shelves?) And cutting grass.  

I was allowed to do the showing round and describing till I ran out of breath ....

They loved the house!!!  

Then informed us their house was not yet on the market.

So I was very near being famous for "Seller kills Viewer of House for Sale."


BadPenny said...

Hello TV star ! Oh Jill, my niece has just moved & found it stressful though exciting. She & her husband have moved from their first bought house to a " better area " of Ashford, Kent.... the first night there they were woken by sirens ... a stabbing had taken place outside !!!

They've been told this is not a regular thing thank goodness or the For Sale board will be up again.

Good luck x

Lynn said...

Fast forwarded to your bit - well done - you were great. It was just like seeing you again over a coffee - lol!