Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Where I started.

Never, ever done any exercise in my life.  Other than swimming,squash, horse riding decades ago.

Now I cycle.

But dont go anywhere.

I started off doing 3 minutes on gear 2.  Today I was on gear 5 for 4 minutes.

Walking 12 metres x 6 laps, today I did 25 laps.

Started the knee lifts with 2lbs on each leg x 20 lifts on each leg now 4lbs for 35 lifts.

Leading with the right leg,then the left leg started with 12, now 35 on each.

Sit to stand 

 This one is a killer.  Today I did 35.


Above your head , out in front and then to the side. Counts as one.  Today I did 35. Started with 2kg, now 4.

This one actually consists of a walking stick with a weight wrapped round.  Started with 2lbs, now 4lbs. Started with 12 lifts.  Sitting down.  Now 4lbs x 35 times.

We do warming up exercises and warm down at the end.  

There is no cure for our variety of lung diseases.  

But one things for sure our heart muscles got a work out , the bingo wings are departing and biceps, triceps, muscly legs and thighs are amazing.  

And we certainly exercise our laughter muscles.  After we have sat down.

To catch our breath.  Well actually not catching ones breath, is not allowed.  In through the nose out through the mouth to get control....

I challenge you all to do this.  Breathing through a straw Because that is what it is like for us.

Now where did I start?

Ah, yes, BBC2 Scotland 9p.m tonight.  Look out for the old woman in the pink jacket.  Who does not appear to have any breathing problems at all, the way she whitters on.


rusty duck said...

Oh no I've missed it!
Hope it's on iPlayer..
And keep up the good work.

BadPenny said...

Well done you !

Anonymous said...

Well done that woman! Not only with the fitness stuff but being such a natural on the telly! I watched it on iPlayer. (you were very well-spoken...was it really you?) :p xx

justjill said...

Ha ha Tina! No swear words! I noticed my voice was deeper than it used to be.