Monday, 26 May 2014

When the mist clears.

We have had quite a lot of this.  We call it the Haar up here.  Doric for mist.  That is Rattray Head lighthouse, photo by Joy Marshall.

Well, nearly June alreadyThe onset of Art Exhibitions.  And of course like the Clapham Omnibus they all come at once.

 Sunday, appropriately, saw me visiting Strichen Episcopalian Church.  This weekend they are holding an Art exhibition in aid of the Church roof.  So I gathered up three paintings and took them in.  A beautiful wee church with a dwindling congregation.  What you cannot see clearly is above the altar, the furthest bit of roof has a painted ceiling, damaged by the rain that has come in.  I promised to ask around for someone to repair that when the rain has been stopped.

Next is 

This is an exciting new venture.  Our town, Fraserburgh, is on the regeneration list.  Despite full employment the town itself consists of may charity shops in amongst lots of boarded up ones.  Super Saturdays began last year where we all encourage folks to visit and have stalls and fun.  It has been a success so this is an extension.  Many of the existing shops are welcoming in artists to showcase their stuff.  Me - no change, I am in the Lighthouse Museum.  We did try to contact the owners of the boarded up shops to let us use their windows to no avail.  Presumably they would then have to pay business rates or whatever and its better for them to leave the shop empty and with gutters that drown everyone passing......

Also in June is this.

Which I am even more heavily involved in.  It is the three art groups, who meet at Dalrymple Hall, together with the Fraserburgh Photographic Society putting on a joint exhibition.

SO.......In between everything else I am painting like a woman possessed.

 House Martins, appropriately clinging on to a house wall.

 Black headed gull.

 Common Terns flirting.

The DP has come up trumps with his photographs for me to paint from.  Though I have to say this one has been my biggest challenge.

First sketch.

Once they are brought out of the mist they will be fine.


Mum said...

I don't know where you get your energy or your time from. Your paintings are beautiful. If I did them I wouldn't want to sell them.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

I love your first sketch. A busy time. I hope you are really better now to manage it all x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful art, Jill!