Thursday, 5 June 2014

A New Toy and other events.

Earlier this week, at Pulmonary Physiotherapy, we had a visit from the Therapist who deals with THINGS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.  (George Clooney not on offer.)  

So one of our bunch was to get bath aids, in being able to get out of the bath.  Why not a shower?  He doesnt like showers.  

Another wanted a walking stick to be able to keep up with his dogs (and keep them under control.)

Another wanted something to walk with and sit on .  Lo and behold a four wheel walker with seat appeared and it was like all her Disneylands had arrived.

Then it was my turn.  I said I would like a fold up Tesco trolley as even just buying a newspaper I parked near the trolley park and zoomed off with trolley and could get further than the wine aisle with said trolley.

Today I was awarded the above.  Not the most exciting set of wheels is it.

I asked if I could personalise it and was told to get on with it as they never take them back.  Have they not heard of recycling?  I thought the NHS was in crisis!  

Any suggestions most welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hope it's as much of a boon to you as it was to my Dad. Not true about them not taking them back, as they collected my Dad's one last week, now that he uses a wheelchair. (I suppose a few stickers and go-faster stripes would be ok though)

:) xx

Lynn said...

Yarn bombing would look fab.

Mum said...

I think something florescent or floral would set it off. My shopping trolley is pink with white polka dots!
Love from Mum

busybusybeejay said...

I'd go for yarn bombing.A few birds and butterflies would get everyone talking .Maybe a few ladybirds too!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter suggests stickers, coloured tape, and paint! And add streamers to the handle, "like you get on little kids' bikes". And a bubble machine!!!

BadPenny said...

Balloons ?