Sunday, 22 June 2014

A medal for the Dawn Patroller.

34 years wed.  

Considerably more than a life sentence.

It took me a lot of practising to end up with the right one.

But I surely did.

Here he is doing what he enjoys,


(This is not our garden, though it is heading that way as he is not that keen on weeding.)

 And he is happy for me to do what I enjoy.

For once we are working together on an exhibition.

If you are on facebook could you look at the Fraserburgh Art Summer Exhibition page and like it?

The DP is ecstatic when the likes increase.

Its the least I can do.


Mum said...

A very Happy Anniversary to you both.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

Practise makes perfect ...
you are both so artistic & compliment each other xx

rusty duck said...

Happy Anniversary!
I caught up with your 15 minutes of fame on the iPlayer. You looked a lot more relaxed than I would have been. Very well done. I hope I won't soon need a passport to venture oop north.

Anonymous said...

A belated happy anniversary to you both! You make a fantastic team. xox