Thursday, 1 May 2014

Here we go again..

More house viewing.  The one we viewed last week was fine.  Lovely sea view from a decking balcony.  We watched Dolphins playing.  Sadly there was no where to park a car, it was on a t junction, ok not the M6, but we have a car each and there really was nowhere to park within (my) spitting distance.

And, despite one of our reasons for moving is to have a smaller garden, which it had, the next one we viewed,  it was the garden I fell in love with.  But that too had its downsides.  

I am sure everyone has been there and one decided one is a fool to leave the lovely house one has!  Then the brain kicks in and kicks out the heart.  So back to it today.  Three more, all still no - one too big, one too small, and one that just didnt tick any boxes.  One more on Saturday that both of us have thoroughly examined from the outside, including the WALLED GARDEN.  Always wanted one of those.  So, here we go again.

Now our house is on the market, though we await the signs.  Which is something of a necessity.  I have begun to freegle stuff and no-one can find us.  (Yes, that was one reason for moving, neither would an ambulance.)

Charming whitewashed cottage nestling in beautifully maintained and mature gardens. Seldom does the opportunity arise to purchase a property of such immediate appeal situated in a peaceful country location.

The interior photographs are equally amazing.  What you can do with a wide angle lens.

Though I have to say our bedroom looks a bit weird.

(Everything is under the bed, including the cats.)

Here we go again.................


Mum said...

It looks like a show house. Good luck with the hunting.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

It can become exhausting the whole selling buying moving thing... KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON xx