Monday, 19 August 2013

The Dust Settles....

Well, you didnt expect me to start cleaning after an exhausting week of rellies and hangers on did you?


Our cats are only just moving back in out of the shedudio.   

The one pictured above is one of, oh it must be, the hundred living at the Willows Animal Rescue Centre.  

This one, in my favourite colour of cat, appears to be working out how to get in the cage and eat the guinea pig.

Some of my time since my family left on Saturday has been chilling out, along with our two cats, down the shedudio.

I have been drawing with the brush,  not very successfully.  

Had a break, much needed after the failed exercise, of drawing with a pencil.


Have to admit I really have not done anything about the dust, but me and the washing machine and the clothes line have really been going it.  All bedding and towels washed and dried.  Pillow cases into the ironing basket, the rest folded ready to go back on the beds. Towels back into drawers.

Also been out distributing NEOS Catalogues to cafes, Leisure Centre, oh just everywhere.

While scooting from the shed to the house am totally horrified by the amount of weeds shooting up everywhere.  So when I do get the dust to settle and then vacuum it up I have to go outside and kill things.

Speaking of killing things, anyone else in the UK been inundated with b****y flies?  I know why, it happens every year, harvest time.  Combine Harvesters due any minute.  Then I have no chance of dust settling.



Laurie said...

such beautiful cats, you are one busy woman with the best sense of humor, I like your style, lol!!!

rusty duck said...

I did seven weeks worth of ironing on Saturday. That'll do it for a bit I think.
Love that llama.

BadPenny said...

They are harvesting here... spiders in and more opportunity for Frankie to go a mousing - blast !

It's exhausting having guests but I do like getting the sheets hanging on the line quickly after they leave.

Lovely pencil drawing. Hope the cats settle soon x

Cathy said...

Ginger toms are also one of my favourites. Think of this time as R&R -rest and recuperation. Or the holiday you need to get over the one you just had!