Saturday, 17 August 2013

Apologies for absence, being a Grandma.

My Grandaughter, aged 21 months, has come to stay.
Mum and Dad came too and Nanny. I am Grandma, she is Nanny.
Arrived Monday, that took the whole day, travelling here from Lincoln.

Tuesday they visited Macduff Marine Aquarium, Duff House at Banff and lots of Fishing Villages on the way down again to here.  Pennan, Gardenstown and Crovie.  They have been up the Lighthouse, lunch at the Lighthouse, on the beach, up sand dunes by Rattray Head Lighthouse.  Fraserburgh Swimming Pool.

Thursday Daddy and Nanny went off to Balmoral to gatecrash the Queen.  While Granddad and Grandma, Mum and Granddaughter went to Willows Animal Sanctuary. ( for the full story.)

So above is me and Granddaughter where we met one of the many horses.  And I did my horse whispering.

Which GD found hilarious.

I was not allowed on the slide.

 One for Tina at  who made this gorgeous doll, Sam.

 Bath time and bed.

Sadly, once that had occurred we hit the wine bottles.  Should have gone to bed.

I leave you with this lovely picture of one of our wonderful beaches.

They all left today.

Normal Service will be resumed, just finishing off the wine.


Mum said...

Open another bottle. You deserve it. Now relax.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

lol, you always make me smile!! Beautiful photos, beautiful family!

Laura Amy said...

I knew that first photo had to be at Willows. Love it.

Your granddaughter is absolutely adorable!

BadPenny said...

Is GD saying " CHEESE " in the last photo ? Lovely x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

What a lovely post ... your pleasure in being a Grandma shines through I think. Open another bottle ... you deserve it :)