Monday, 5 August 2013


Having been away from home so much and despite the DP'S best efforts, everywhere was ready for a blitz.  Many of my paintings returned to roost at the homestead.

Gannet ascending is now in the dining room.

And loves young dream in the hallway.

The rest of them are dotted through the house, back on the hooks they came from, and the rest are in a large IKEA bag waiting for the next exhibition.

 The many Alliums I planted have been amazing.  Ones that have gone over are now drying in a wooden vase in the sitting room window.

These massive headed ones are still going and the really tiny ones too, much loved by bees.

 They are the deep purple.  To the far right are the Hosta flowers.

So along with the dusting, vacuuming, a bit of dead heading of roses, yanking out the weeds, blitz.

On the coast the Gannets.

A Sandwich Tern pretending to be a Gannet.

 And finally, a reminder to myself, you can sit amongst those who discuss things internal and still smile.

Blitzing?  Furthest thought from my mind......


Anonymous said...

excellent! Beautiful paintings,

BadPenny said...

Wonderful Alliums. It's good to be able to smile & plan & organise - good for you !