Saturday, 24 August 2013

Back in Action.

The Dawn Patroller has returned from his jaunt to Edinburgh.  Seeing the three daughters who live there and lots of happenings at the Edinburgh Festival.  Possibly, nay definitely, another post.

Not doing much Dawn Patrolling as he has a trapped nerve in his back he still manages the odd foray out to capture the wild life hereabouts.

Cairnbulg Harbour, with Fraserburgh in the distance, a Heron surveys.


Watching the comings and goings.


As does the Buzzard from a fence post inland.

 Returning home, yet another caterpillar moving up the front door.  Presumably the fairly frequent opening and closing of said door deters them from making a chrysallis.  But on the window frames which dont have much movement we are hoping to do our bit for the future of the butterfly as they do spin themselves a jacket.

Our Basking Shark has not made an appearance the last two days, but here is one more photograph of our star of the week.

I have been busy closing down the Sea Bird Exhibition at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.  Doing lots of tedious jobs, counting up the Visitors Votes for Best in Show.  Which is going to one young 8 year old whose entire extended family came in and voted for him.......  Trying to work out who exactly bought all the sold pictures as there they hang with red dots, there is no money in the till, and no details of who has actually said , 
"I want to buy that one." 

Think I will stick to just doing my own thing, so back in action down the shedudio.



Terra said...

I like the sketch of the dog, and I think you did it. Good to hear of your jaunts and volunteer work.

BadPenny said...

Amazing little catterpilla - I thought you had painted it.

It's the time of year for winding down. The last hay bails in the field were being buckled down onto a trailer when Jess, Dillon & I had a quick walk in the field last evening.
The farmer had his very young son with him & said he was on YTS ( Youth Training Scheme ) which made us laugh.

saving for travel said...

The Dawn Patroller is an amazing photographer. I love that second photo of the heron!

You are always so busy. I hope you get all those jobs done so you can some time for yourself.

Love the basking shark too!

Sft x