Sunday, 4 August 2013

Soothing Sunday.

Guess where I went this morning.  Not difficult is it.

I had to go to hang a beautiful stained glass picture of a Puffin, sorry will get a picture next time...... so the DP came with me and we had not just one cappuccino, but two, as how could one enjoy this view without lingering.  There were also masses of Gannets dive bombing the sea and the fish beneath, sadly the camera wasnt up to that.

Then down the shedudio at last!

Pen and Ink drawing from yesterday.

Todays work the Running Otter, sounds like a pub!

 Now soothed and ready for the coming week.

Footnote: following yesterdays post the scores are 2 have cats and uterus, 1 not got and has dog.  How weird is that! Come on now who is going to break the mould.


BadPenny said...

I really really like your pen & ink drawing x

Anonymous said...

no wonder you are soothed , what a magnificent place to relax, such a beautiful otter too!!!!

rusty duck said...

What a stunning view. I'd linger..