Saturday, 31 August 2013

Red Letter Day.

Today I sold Eight Paintings.


A red letter day (sometimes hyphenated as red-letter day or called scarlet day in academia) is any day of special significance.  Wikepedia.

I think selling eight paintings in one day is a red letter day.  Last one for me was passing my 11 plus.  That was actually the first red letter day when I realised, Hey I can do this.

The two above were sold.    I am still in shock.  And the two below.

Plus four others.  My euphoria at this is .....

........Not helped by the fact that I have three exhibitions in September signed up for and therefore some challenge, one such wanting work on Wednesday.

And, just in case HMRC are looking at my blog I have spent far more than sales on paint, paper, mounts and framing. And, so far, I do not think I can be taxed on the feel good factor. (and I have the invoices to prove it.)

But, oh boy, the feel good factor outweighs just about everything.......


rusty duck said...

Oh well done!
Now up your selling price. Your work deserves more.

Terra said...

No wonder you sold 8 in a day, they are gorgeous, love the cat and the little birds in a row.

Anonymous said...

yeh!!!!! excellent news!! I'm not surprised, you do beautiful work!

BadPenny said...

FANTASTIC ! You deserve to be thrilled. Well done Jill x

Mum said...

Well done you.
Love from Mum

saving for travel said...

Oh Jill this is such wonderful news, isn't it!

You are right, it gives you such a wonderful sense of self belief.

Sft x

Marjorie said...