Monday, 26 August 2013

Festival and Fun, Home and Away.

As I said, in a previous post, the Dawn Patroller took himself off to Edinburgh for a few days.  We have three daughters living in Edinburgh so, as he doesnt mind sleeping on a floor or in a travel cot, whereas I do, off he goes.

The Festival is on, as every year in August.  So here is a flavour of the festival and fun there.

 Whatever you do, do not stand still, otherwise you will be fly posted.

Weather not very good, but does that stop them?  NO!  Perhaps not that bad. It wasnt snowing, but they were ready for that too.

Wherever you  look, wherever you go, something is going on.

Kids have lots to do also.  Although in  Scotland the children have returned to school.  Or just started, for the first time, as has our eldest grandchild.  His first week was half days only so had a chance to have quality time with Mum and Granddad.  They went to a performance of the Just So Stories, which is probably the only thing I wish I hadnt missed!

Way too big to be carried, "You're a school boy now!"

One event I always regret not having witnessed in person is the Edinburgh Tattoo.  Fear not friends, tonight its on the tele.  

So - the fun here?  Well my kind of fun! 

First, my depiction of our stag Roe Deer who visited last week, and my take on a Peacock.  Some of them live up the road, though this painting was taken from a DP photo of the ones at Scone Palace.

Do hope you are all having fun this Bank Holiday, we dont get one here in Scotland. 

But I still had fun.


saving for travel said...

Oh your posts do make me laugh and smile! Thank you for sharing all of those photos.

I would love to see the Tattoo one day. Maybe next summer Mum and I can go?

Beautiful paintings. I remember the peacocks at Scone when we went.

Sft x

BadPenny said...

Your grandson has such a sweet face !
we've been on the ghost tour at Edinburgh - very spooky !

rusty duck said...

Brilliant paintings Jill. And beats standing out in the rain.