Thursday, 8 August 2013

North East Open Studios. (NEOS).

Commences on the 7th September and our part of the world finishes on the 15th.  The rest finish on the 29th, but start later than us.  We have been split into three different parts this year, as there have been so many entrants, well over 300.

You have the opportunity to visit Artists in their studios and craftspeople in their workshops.  

Inside the catalogue is the map.  It covers the whole of Aberdeenshire, but this is our bit, the North.  (I am not sure why one cluster is in the North Sea. Which we also are, but not as far out!)
 Many artists join up with each other in a venue.  But each artist has to pay the entry fee, £140.  Fortunately we are recognised as a group of total amateurs so only had the one payment to make. 

Our Wednesday Art Group decided to enter this year for the first time. 

Not exactly an inspiring picture.  But this is us top of the page.

We are told by the more experienced that NEOS venues are visited by people really interested in ART and who will BUY ART.  No pressure there then.

Our entry and everything to do with had to be done months ago, and yes twas me who struggled with it all.  But now its only four weeks away and we are in a state of panic.  I cannot find the entry picture and the chap doing the publicity for our wee area wanted a bigger one.  Huh?  Anyroads we had a democratic meeting and they decided the following was to go in all the papers.

As a sample of what we do.  Well, what I do.  Badly.  

This morning, following our democratic meeting, I hared off to Dougs the Picture Framer to get, "Here's Looking at You Babe" framed.

Also, "First, Peel The Otter" (Title of a book by John Henry Dixon, Grim and Ghastly Recipes for the Gruesome Gourmand.)

And along with the rest of the group we are all painting manically, searching for mounts, so as to put on a good show.  Phew.

Now for a bit of calm.

One afternoon this week.  At the rear of our house in the Barley field.

Never seen one so big, Roe Deer,  ahhhhh, get the paint brushes out...........


Mum said...

Wow, beautiful beast. Good luck for the 7th Sept.
Love from Mum

rusty duck said...

I would be in a state of panic seeing that deer, on behalf of my veggies.

The Babe is brilliant!

BadPenny said...

Nothing like a bit of pressure to get you going !

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I just love the way you use colour Jill.

And what Bad Penny said! Good luck x

saving for travel said...

I hope the occasion is a success after all your hard work and people are amazed by the talent of all the artists.

Beautiful Roe Deer, can't believe you managed to get such a super photo.

Sft x