Monday, 29 September 2014


Mixed feelings!

After going through assessment for the second time..... I was awarded (?) a blue badge.
Instead of a local authority clerical officer, with no medical qualification, using a tick chart I was assessed by an Occupational Health person.  She actually stopped me doing the walking test half way through, unlike the c.o. who looked at me askance when I asked for water as I collapsed into a chair.  I have it, as you can see, for three years.  Should see me out then.

So, its official.  I am disabled.  Hence the mixed feelings.

I used it for the first time today.  I swept into the car park where I was to attend a meeting.  Parked, displayed the card, got out the chariot and headed off for the disabled access, to be confronted by a white van.  Parked not in any parking zone, indeed it was chevroned off, indicating no parking.  And completely blocking the way to the ramp..

I had to ask someone to carry in the chariot, up the steps for able bodied, and breathe heavily after it.

Presumably the white van driver was also disabled. Mentally.


Attila said...

You will find that many people are, sadly.

Christine Laennec said...

Jill, I can well understand your feelings at the label "disabled". When my daughter was in the wheelchair, her blue badge was an absolute godsend for us, and helped us to do so much that we wouldn't otherwise have been able to do. So I ended up having very warm feelings towards it. I hope you will feel the same, and I most ardently hope that you will be renewing it in three years' time!

Agreed re mentally disabled white van driver...

Lynn said...

I totally understand your mixed feelings ~ try to think of it as vip reserved parking because you are a vip☺
Disabled? There are totally healthy people with only a fraction of your talent, kindness and joie de vivre.
This will give you the independence you need.
Oh and you WILL be renewing.