Saturday, 4 October 2014

Chartless and Rudderless - thats me.

Here I go again.  (Please ignore spelling mistakes, I had some 'help' from the DP)  

For some reason Facebook will not upload a document so I have to make it into a jpeg and this is a talent sadly missing from me,  hence the DP's assistance.  

The actual poster is a document and I have also failed to copy and paste it on to here....

When you take something on no-one else is aware of how much effing time you spend doing the simplest task....

Along with the publicity there is also the planning.  Well I wont bore you with all that. Suffice it to say I found the simplest way to create a lighthouse from found stuff 

The volunteer given the task, "I couldnt find the right size cups."  


So muggins takes it back on board.

This week we have coming 'Chartless Rudderless Night' to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.  As a trustee another of my responsibilities is to organise all the exhibitions and facilitate.  This has been in the diary for months as to arrive this coming Friday.  I only just noticed in the deluge of emails I was dealing with that they were set to land on Thursday when neither I, nor the Manager would be there.  

 11 o clock last night I managed to get them to agree on Tuesday, when we are both present.

Back to the publicity stuff.  I got random pictures sent.


And a brochure.  From which I had to lift and then create a poster.  And press releases.

 The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses is the perfect setting for Chartless Rudderless Night - a moving image and sound installation inspired by the lighthouses of Orkney.
The work is a collaboration between choreographer Claire Pençak, composers Helen Papaioannou and Alessandro Altavilla dancers Merav Israel and Will Thorburn and moving image artist John McGeoch.
Chartless Rudderless Night expresses the collision of wave on rock, ships that pass in the night, the scanning beam of a lighthouse on dark seas and the smallness of us all in the face of the elements
The composers drew on the mapping, individual light characteristics and rhythm of the 11 lighthouses of Orkney when composing the work for saxophone and double bass. The sound work brings a deeply atmospheric sonic environment to the dance film.

Apparently its  a perspex box and a couple of speakers.  Well - Chartless, rudderless.....aye.

In amongst all this as my trustee responsibility is part of the staffing committee.   I never thought in all my born days that I would be hiring and firing at 65.  

And counselling, thought I had done enough of that with mine own.  

Dealing with irate parents, (my child would never do that - oh it did.......)  

What has changed over the years where people dont turn up for interviews , or want to change the time, the day, and just do not think about how this impinges on others?  Then we offer them a job and they shoot off and persuade someone else to offer them  more money and turn us down.  Oh yeah.  So a few weeks of hell to be honest.

Like most things in life all is sorted and hopefully and even keel for a while.

Chartless and rudderless thats me.




Mum said...

I'm sure you know exactly where you are going and where you have come from. Well done for all that juggling.

Terra said...

I hope the rest of October turns out to be easier for you. That sounds like a rough and busy few days for you.

justjill said...

Thank you both Terra and Mum. Sometimes I wonder Mum.x