Saturday, 27 September 2014

Mainly garden and what happens out there..

Remember the trees, casting gloom on the shedudio?  This was in July.  Unfortunately our tree expert has been poorly but sprang into action today.

Not only do I have no shadows or gloom across the drawing board but I have a view!  You can see that months have passed as the barley is now cut and the stalks baled.  Also a nice pile of wood to burn - in 12 months time.  Takes that long to dry out.  
The trunks are to be removed at a later date, though I might keep the one on the right as it is flat.  We have random statues around the garden so possibly a plinth for one..

Within the shedudio more changes.  I finally bit the bullet and bought a table large enough to have all work in progress laid out.  Previously I had two small tables which didnt match in size and were bugging me.

So here we go one very large drawing board.  Waiting for more green spotty oil cloth....

Now, what do you suppose these are?  Made by a very clever friend of mine who upcycles brilliantly.  Made from a cane, netting = Scottish Thistles.  She has painted the top bits purple.  Another of my friends has a very sheltered garden and she uses them with t light candles.  

I decided to use them as fat ball holders.

Not having a sheltered garden, but with a lot of birds feeding.

These photos were taken within minutes of the thistle being placed.  This one is at the side of the shedudio.  The other has been planted outside the dining room window.  Success.

 My ace lady gardeners have returned and cleared the side border.

Can now see what is in their that is supposed to be there, NOT thistles and brambles.

This took a lot longer than the front garden.   The border by the shedudio will take even longer....... But it is so nice to see what I did plant still managing to flourish. The plants and I heaved a big sigh of relief.

Still lots to be done.  But the calming of my soul makes it all worth while.


Terra said...

Now you have more sun for your craft shed, and I like your art thistle bird feeder.

rusty duck said...

A room with a view! Great job. The ladies are doing a great job too, it's nice to see more of your garden.

BadPenny said...

Superb use of the thistles ! Good to have some help sometimes to keep on top of things x

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful how soul-restoring some tidying can be! So glad that you have more light, more space - and those thistle bird feeders are very cool!