Monday, 8 September 2014


Not that good a start for our NEOS week.  Wind and rain.

As I was doing some tweaking and putting up the the other side of these display boards, with my back to them down they came, crashing on to me.  There had not been sufficient angling done to make them stable.

Hey ho.  Slightly bruised legs but not beaten.  Two paintings lost their glass but that was it.  Phew.  

The DP was away to Edinburgh moving a daughter from one flat to another - again.  

Sith decided to have another bust up with the feral cat.

Here he is with four working legs.  Saturday morning front left not working.  Now I can light a fire, cook me tea, but no way can I carry him in a cat box to the car and then to the vets.  After a phone call to the vets to find if I went in with him it had gone up from £60 to £80 before we even started,  the vet and I took a gamble, which then kept me sleepless.... Dosed him with painkillers, he was eating like a pig, purring, and  made an appointment for Monday   Then I phoned the DP.  Daughter moved so he could return in time.  Phew. Phew.

I feared the leg was broken,  turned out to be infected and after first dose of antibiotics already much better.  Phew Phew Phew.

I so wish I could be more laid back......Phew.


rusty duck said...

Can something be done about the feral cat.. Sounds like bad news.

BadPenny said...

When we took on my niece's kitten we had a huge vet's bill as he'd had no injections, was infested with fleas & needed castrating ! Hey ho - he's gorgeous.

Poor old Sith & poor you - those picture display screens are quite wobbly !