Friday, 19 September 2014

Past,present and future.

Strange weekStrange experiences of there being one topic of conversation wherever you went and whoever you were with.  Independence.  Scottish Independence. Mixed emotions.  

Very interesting debates.  

And despite the press reports - no death threatsNot one person questioning my right to vote, albeit I am English.  

Throughout my faith in human nature was continually renewed.  People cared, cared about each other, their neighbour, their country.

Now the votes have been counted.  The great vote is now history.  In the past. One question remains - will the English politicians keep their promises?  That is in the future.

Back in the present.  Been struggling to find time to paint.  Odd bits here and there.

Skurries (Herring Gulls.)


Pod of Dolphins.

 Sussex Light Hens on a fence.

Love these two, almost finished.

I have been asked to exhibit in November at Archies Art.  To raise funds for Aberdeen Childrens Hospital.  
The list of artists whew.  Proper artists......  I am honoured to be invited.  

The ones I will be putting in are all away being framed.  So thats the future.  I will show you later, when they are done.

On Monday past I went for another assessment.  With mixed feelings I learnt I had been awarded....

So in the future I will be able to go where I want to go.



Mum said...

Excuse me, but I class you as a 'real' artist so congratulations on being asked to exhibit and congratulations too on your new found freedom with your Blue Badge.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Love those hens!

You will soon love the handiness of the blue badge. xx

Marjorie said...

Well done on the art show. I have always viewed you as a real artist. I am glad you have your blue badge.

rusty duck said...

Well I for one am glad Scotland voted No. It wouldn't be the same without you.
Love the hens!! You always manage to give your subjects personality and humour.

BadPenny said...

Love the Sussex Light hens coming to life.