Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Open Doors Day.

On Saturday there was the annual OPEN DOORS DAY in Aberdeenshire.

As its free entry to places it is always a huge success and this year was no different.  After all who doesnt like anything that is FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

At the Lighthouse Museum one still had to pay for the Museum and tour of the Lighthouse (we are a struggling charity ) but our contribution was to open the Wine Tower, 

 and the Kitchen, which I do not have an image for, but basically think dungeon, part of castle within which the Stevensons built a lighthouse.

The Dawn Patroller enjoyed himself doing the tours and talk most of the day.  The regular guides equally busy with the Lighthouse Tours.

Across the car park is the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre.  

Which really is fascinating.  Many facetted (although they do not, as far as I am aware, make any mention of mass murderer Denis Neilson who was born in Fraserburgh.)  

Bill Gibb, fashion designer, Thomas Glover, et al. Many famous people born or have links to Fraserburgh.  Marconi, supporters and devotees have regular Marconi days where they play with radios.

One display I always enjoy is this air raid shelter, you sit in and listen to the sirens, not sure why I enjoy it but I do.  Close eyes and imagine.

Warlds End (or Worlds End) is this house.  

Which, although absolutely no connection with Thomas Glover, houses a collection of memorabilia and stuff.  Thomas Glover ?  oh just google him.  

There are also Jacobean plots being hatched stories which are being looked into with the eventual hope that we encourage more tourists to visit.....particularly the rich Americans who are really into all this History.  Which could have involved their ancestooors.

Fraserburgh is stuffed with history.  So much it all gets a bit too much for one blog post.

The villages aroond are equally stuffed.

This is at Inverallochy, our nearest village with a (wine) shop and a post office, library.
Maggies Hoosie.  
I like this photo as it shows the modern monstrosity, which one wonders how they got planning permission for to build behind this ancient, preserved in all its earth floored, no loo, building.  Maggies Hoosie is a but and ben as it was, no electric, no nothing.

This is another auld hoose in Inverallochy.  Which opened its doors. I think it was to show how incomers can throw a lot of money and architects to gain awards for preserving an auld hoose they can spend weekends in.

(And as an acquaintance of the owners I hope they appreciate this was written to be humourous.)

There were lots and lots more.  

You can now spend the next month googling all of them to find out just how much of our history here is totally fascinating or you can wait for me to get round to doing more posts. 


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BadPenny said...

What a wealth of history. Love the wee house x