Saturday, 2 August 2014

If you cannot see the funny side....

.....Do not write about it.

Thanks to those who commented about my absence and good wishes.  I didnt publish the comments but they warmed my heart.

You now have me back ha ha.  I am fine.  

Very happy as I sold this paintingSomewhat  mixed happiness as I really liked this one as it made me smile.  But hey ho.  And I did really want to smile recently.

Been a traumatic time here recently and there is no funny side.

Minerva McGonnagall Cat recovering from dislocated hip. Caused by stray interloper.

Cait Sith Cat who is wasting away.  Also attacked by stray interloper.  His abcess responded to treatment but his severe weight loss was not down to old age as we had hoped.

We thought we were losing them both.

So for once I could not see a funny side.  So I didnt write about it.



Lynn said...

So sorry had no idea
Much love

rusty duck said...

Good to see you back Jill.

Terra said...

Serious stuff with your dear cats. I like your painting of the gulls and can see why someone bought it. I am sure it will bring them lots of smiles each day.

BadPenny said...

Sorry to read about both cats.

I love your painting - no wonder it sold.

Good to have you back - missed you x

Mum said...

Poor, poor pussies. Please give them a stroke from me.
Well done on the sale of your painting. I'm sure that you will be able to paint another one to keep you smiling.
Love from Mum