Monday, 4 August 2014

Fraserburgh Beach (Broch Beach).

The Dawn Patroller, recently, won a wee photographic competition.

For some time, on Facebook, there has been a page for Fraserburgh Photos through the Years.  Which is really very interesting.  Did you know that there were more bombs dropped on Fraserburgh than most places?  As this was the last bit before the Germans returned home so they jettisoned what they had left. 

But new photographs kept being put up.  

On the original page there were lots of comments about, "Ah - what the beach was like.....what the town was like.. " and so on, and as more recent photos crept in they DID NOT LIKE IT.

So alongside that page we now have New Fraserburgh Photos.  Which to be honest show just as much beauty, activity, etcetera as the old.  (Without reference to the war.)

Each month there is a heading, last month was Harbour and Beach.  The DP won the months competition with the above.  Which went somewhere to silencing the "We wont see the beach like that again."  (in the 50s.)  Well, no, different clothing but still plenty people.  Although I am told the vast majority of people using the beach are not from Fraserburgh.  But TOURISTS.  Which for some is a surprise.  Tourists?  Why would they come here?  How long have you got for me to tell you why?

The last weekend saw the Scottish Windfest Tour.  Kite Surfers Gathered, had competitions, (apart from there being no wind at all on day one!)

Fantastic fun.  On Fraserburgh Beach 2014.


rusty duck said...

That does look fun, to watch anyway.
Well done DP.

Pat said...

Well, that's taken me back a few years. I had a lovely holiday in Fraserburgh with my parents when I was about 7 or 8. I remember the lovely beach and coming third in a sandcastle competition! I think we said at a big hotel in the main square. I have no idea why Fraserburgh was picked, other than that my parents loved the area, both coming from Aberdeen originally. I should probably confess that this must have been in 1967 or 1968. Happy times.

BadPenny said...

Jill you are so passionate it's wonderful x

justjill said...

Hi Pat. The Saltoun Arms? Derelict for some years now bought up and being transformed by Wetherspoons. Come stay again!

Pat said...

Yes, that's it. It was empty the last time I was in Fraserburgh (maybe 5 years ago?)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos - and congratulations to the DP for winning the prize. Well-deserved. As you know, I can never understand why people don't holiday in Scotland more often. My mental list of places I would love to go is 90% Scottish destinations. Having lived in this country for 22 years, there is still much more I want to discover!