Tuesday, 26 August 2014

To Cat Lovers - everyone else sorry.

Update.  Minerva McGonnagall.  She who had leg dislocated from hip by feral cat has patiently endured house arrest for weeks.  The reinsertion (?) by vet has held up. In. Today was release day.

 This is Minerva some time ago with my granddaughter, who was being introduced to A CAT.

Min had her collar replaced with magnet to open cat flap and after some considerable sniffing ever inch of the outer door ventured out - and disappeared.  She has returned, exhausted.  But with four legs working.  Presumably been checking out that the fields are still there.

Cait Sith is still on steroids, eating, eating, eating.  He has gained weight.  But his red blood cells have not increased as much as they hoped.  Further blood tests await.  But he seems happy enough.

I am gearing up for the North East Open Studios where our Art Group exhibits at the Lighthouse Museum.  Lots of paintings been mounted and framed.

"I was just having me tea."  one to be mounted.

 And, "Oh We Do Like to be beside the Seaside - not.." another.

Painting of which takes ones mind off worrying about cats.


rusty duck said...

Love the expression on those gulls' faces.. !
Glad there's some good news on the cats too. Dreadful thing to happen.

Ruth said...

Why has your artwork of a rabbit (hare?) only got one ear? Did the other one get torn off by an interloper too?

How lovely that you have a shed to paint in but your extremely constant reference to it as the "shedudio" is extremely irritating.

Terra said...

I am a cat lover, isn't everyone? Glad to hear your cat is recovering and all 4 legs are working well.

Anonymous said...

Jill I'm so pleased to hear your pussycats are both okay. Your paintings are fantastic, as usual. Thanks very much for your lovely comment on my Arran post - the Dafter got a big boost from the compliment! Take care, love, C.

justjill said...

Hi Ruth. The hare did have 2 ears, the other is laid back behind the head. You ever seen a hare? As regards the irritation aka the summerhouse, or studio, both a tad too pretentious for me, so known as the shed, a friend renamed it shedudio. I find some blogs irritating in their detailed listings of cupboards, fridges and freezers but would never be so ill mannered as to say so .

BadPenny said...

Bloody Hell ! I want to sit in your Shedudio & drink wine with you !
Love Sith curled up on the bottom of the curtains & yes seagull has very expressive look on his face !