Friday, 15 August 2014


I aim to get down to the shedudio every afternoon I am able , i.e. not going somewhere else.

 I listen to music, mainly classical, opera.  Sundays its  the radio Elaine Paige then Johnny Walker.

I look out of the windows, mainly to the right where the bird feeders hang.

To the front of me is, through the gap in the Poplars, Mormond Hill.  A couple of wind turbines.  Not many places in Scotland not without these sadly.  I am all for green energy, (though why our electric bill is higher than anyone elses as we go for the green energy power supplier I know not......)


 And to my left I can see the house and the side garden.


Well now I have another view.  Upwards.  The Dawn Patroller has decided to finish what I started.  Paint the inside of the shedudio.  It is so much brighter already.  Just one coat so far and half way along the roof. Gone are the days when I had the puff to decorate.....

Which really helps me to do what I really do down the shedudio.  Paint.

Lots of paintings on the drawing board, down the Shedudio.

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rusty duck said...

A sanctuary is right and I would dearly love to have a shedudio here. In my case for writing or just peace and quiet to read. It will be much much brighter with the roof painted white too.