Monday, 14 July 2014

Not moving fast.

So far we have only had one viewing of our house.  Sadly although they were most complimentary it was 'not for them'.  One is hardly going to say "Your taste is appalling and you have a nerve asking that price."  Common courtesy prevails.

Equally sadly the house we were interested in has finally been sold after three years on the market.  Three Years!

With that in mind we have had to gird up our loins and for the DP power up the lawn mower big time.  A task he was hoping not to have to do again.  But boy does the grass grow.

As does everything else of course.  Including the trees.  

 The view from the shedudio where I sit to draw and paint I suddenly realised had become gloomy.

These two Poplar trees are the main culprits.  At around noon the sun is above the house on the left and then moves right during the afternoon when I do the art rubbish.  


The Cherry Trees to the right of the Poplars are now blocking out light from there and as the earth tilts will block the sunset.

We both love trees.  Indeed this was some cause for concern in moving to the coast as there arent many there.

So in came our friend the tree surgeon.

The Poplars are to be lowered drastically in the next few weeks.  We will have the wood chopped for our wood burner.  ( Still seem to be paying for the chopping and the wood .)
Advice has been given re the Cherry Trees.  Ornamental ones these are, the ones at the front of the house grow cherries, and thats another story when we race to beat the birds  - and lose.  So we have to wait til the leaves are off the ornamental ones then start to prune.  This will apparently take two years.

About right for a buyer to come along......


BadPenny said...

people along the road seen to cut their Poplar trees every two or three years.
Good luck; next door to us ( the other half of our semi ) went on the market today after two years or so sad & unlived in. Will be interesting !

rusty duck said...

We have the same tree issue here. I love trees but there's nothing worse than disappearing into gloom. Plus my plants don't grow, or they develop a list.

Annie Cholewa said...

No trees here more's the pity. But artist's need light!

I'm just catching up with folk after my break from knitsofacto ... it's been too long since I popped in here Jill x