Monday, 11 August 2014

Not going anywhere - fast.

I have a tendency to forget my disability.  Until it involves me wanting to go somewhere. 

 Still fighting over getting the 'Blue Badge' so I cannot park near to places even though the whole ethos behind the scheme is for people with a disability to  retain their independence  -  I had to ask the Dawn Patroller to come with me to Gardenstown.

 As you can see its on a cliff side.  Which involves hills, and steps.

I was very flattered to be invited to exhibit at a gallery in the village as part of the 

 weekend long art extravaganza.  But how to get there?  Having to park at the bottom end of the village, push the wheeled chariot up hills to the top of this was just not on.

The DP dropped me off at the top of the steps and then drove the car to the bottom end of the village to park it.  Had I had a Blue Badge I could have parked much nearer and on my own.  Hey ho.

 I discovered the brakes worked very well on the chariot going down steps...  And eventually got down to where the bunting was.

 And into the gallery.

 Thats me in the corner, Gannets, Black Horse and behind the reflection a seal pup.

I then had to manage the rest of the steps down.

I should say that able bodied persons can park at the bottom of this and climb up.  Ha ha.
On the way home we had a not very nice lunch but a good mosey round a garden centre.  And I bought some plastic covered table cloth. a)to protect the tables I use in the shedudio and b) to brighten it up a bit..

The lovely DP has also cleaned  all the windows in the shedudio so  much brighter for me, as poor tree feller we had booked is ill.  So trees remain shading views and light.  The lovely DP has also promised to finish painting the interior of the shed which will further lighten it.

 Also a sign to hang on the wall.

And why not spend some pennies.  We have realised we aint going anywhere.  But here.


Terra said...

Your sign is a great addition to your shedudio, and good you found a way to join the art exhibit. All those stairs and no blue card. Good for you to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Definitely keep pushing for the blue badge. You deserve it, and this post is an eloquent argument for why. Well done on the beautiful art! X

Anonymous said...

I actually wanted to go to the exhibition. I was not forced.

BadPenny said...

Loving the bright tablecloths. Well done you for getting round those steps x