Monday, 18 August 2014

Decisions, decisions.

I do not find making decisions difficult.  I am the one who worries after I have made the decision!

Phone the vet!  Phone the doctor! Then I worry whether I am wasting their time.

My role as Trustee at the Lighthouse Museum often incurs me making big decisions.  Particularly when the Business Manager is on holiday, as now.

As  a volunteer my decisions are quite small ones.

What to display where.

How to group the books.


Where is the hotspot?  This sells, so move it?  

Those decisions are fun.  Playing shops.  Just love it.

I was in today as a Volunteer.  Playing shops.  And sorting behind the front desk.  This is a claustrophobic area where, literally, stuff gets thrown in.  I have been trying for two years to create some order in there.  I am almost there.

Believe it or not these are after pictures.  Before - you couldn't see the floor.  Still a way to go.  But so much better.  

Then there are the big decisions.

Well are they really?  I will not bore you with what appeared to be a MAJOR ISSUE and wasnt.  Though some made me laugh.

 The window seat.  People kill to sit here.  Above the diners is a glass roof, (sorry for the historical photo).  Mad panic from the cafe staff.  Drops coming through the roof onto the table.  This during a very blustery, sheeting rain day.  Drops? 

 Start to panic when there is a FLOOD, or the roof falls on a customer.  

Solution...... I will have my lunch sitting there and drops.

Next panic was about 50  Italian tourists coming in and all going up to the cafe.  Our cafe seats around 35.  Did they care ?  No.  Did they eat us out of house and home - yes.  Where had they come from?  (Apart from Italy?)  Checked the car park.  No Coach Driver we could have a rant at.  No hordes of campervans, apparently they all got off a bus in the bus station in town and walked up.  Is that a problem?  

Chef of the day. " We need to stop serving hot food as we havent any."

Is that a problem?  No.  Communication is the possible problem.  Let the customer know before they sit down, peruse the menu, make an order, only then to be told.....Its off.

Quick signs printed off, "Due to unforeseen ......50 Italians....." (no we didnt do that!)  

"Enjoy our delicious cakes from 2.30p.m. today."  We did that.

Turn a negative into a positive.  Seemple. 

Then there is the really BIG decision.  Selling the house.  Sod it, lets stay put.  And no worries after the decision, just a feeling of calm...............



Anonymous said...

Sometimes, as when selling a house, decisions are taken out of our hands - which can be a big of a relief. Well done you for what adds up to a big contribution to the museum and the shop.

BadPenny said...

I LOVE playing shop
Oh sigh & pour a glass or red - cheers !