Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wind, rain and arts and crafts mish mash.

Today's weather.  100mph winds and snow on the Cairngorms.  (Mountains).  Not quite as bad here, windy yes, just managed to rescue the oil cloth, tastefully decorated with Christmas Baubles, that covers this years wood supply.  Goodness knows what I will use for this years Christmas table festivities.  It was either using it or purchasing some vastly expensive tarpaulin.  And the Christmas table cloth does raise a smile.

Wood burning stove is crackling away and whistling as it would appear there is more wind coming down the flue than otherwise.

But hey ho, toasty and warm, curtains closed. Hatches battened down (havent actually got any hatches.) Listening to the rain lashing across the windows.

The Dawn Patroller has been on one of his jaunts at the weekend and taken some photographs.
Salmon leaping at Black Linn Falls.

Meanwhile I tried to get back to normal and do some painting.

Also creating posters for next Kids Activities.

And if any of you want to ask, "Why Father Christmas?" for goodness sake!  When does he arrive?  IN THE NIGHT.

Crap poster, but I did this when I was ill.

The other poster is for an Art and Craft fair I am organising.

You would not believe the amount of people who want to book a stall with anything but art or craft.  Party planners, factory made stuff not even from this country.....and I know we have a vast untapped source of people beavering away in producing hand made exquisite stuff.   I despair.

Onwards and upwards.  PJs, blanket and switch brain off.



BadPenny said...

Keep warm & wrapped up x

Anonymous said...

Santa...a creature of the! Yes, the weather has turned rather nasty, hasn't it? Hooray for woodburning stoves! Hope you're still mending well. xxx

Laura Amy said...

Ooo, very intrigued by your arts and crafts fair!

Hope you're managing to shelter from the wind today. x

rusty duck said...

Your last line has me thinking I should go and do same. Seals always seem so precarious when they perch like that. They look happy enough though!
Keep warm.