Thursday, 3 October 2013

The older you get.....

Slowly recovering from the last bout of pleurisy.  Which involved me having to stop taking some of my blood pressure tablets, as horrible things could happen had I continued with them and taken the antibiotics.  Dire warnings, "If you get a headache, phone the doctor immediately."  Fortunately I don't have headaches.  Even after the wine, blood poisoning yes, but not headaches.

 So I could ignore taking aspirin, but certainly kept away from children, as they probably gave me the infection that caused the pleurisy in the first place.

Strangely enough my blood pressure was fine which gives one pause for thought as I rattle round with three different tablets a day to control it.

But now I am hit with yet another part of ageing.

No, the above is not from ageing, but from the vampire nurse who took the blood and then phoned to say the Doctor wants me to take Statins.  My cholesterol is high.  Not surprised after having had pleurisy and just eating what I fancied rather than being sensible, but hey ho.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has taken statins as people I have talked to leads one to many horror stories.

So I said NO!  I have enough drugs going into my ancient body.  (Again we have this bloody doctor telling me what to do and not even first hand.)  So I said NO.  I am now prepared with Googles help in what to eat and what not to eat and grudgingly been given three months to do it in before another bruising extraction of my life blood (an armful, yes, Tony Hancock.)  And then if its still up it will be Statins.

Google also says I should exercise.  Which brings me to another part of my ageing body, the lungs.  Apparently according to my breathing nurse (!) most people who are diagnosed with COPD take to their arm chair and give up.  Well I continue to stagger around, inhalers at the ready, but I have to admit that exercise is a bit beyond me.  Stairs are a challenge, talking while walking is out!  No!  But I do have plans for the weekend, weather permitting.  Plants out of pots, dig big hole, transplant.  Get rid of brambles and Ground Elder, and it could be this weekend when another 150 Allium bulbs arrive.....

So an hour or more spent in the supermarket this morning scrutinising all the labels.  Good exercise.  Purchased wholewheat pasta, wholegrain bread, lots of tomatoes, blueberries, one of them packs of drinks which reduce your cholesterol, and a bottle of wine, chicken, lots of beans (god knows what that will do to global warming.)

Fortunately one is still allowed red wine.  Not sure about a bottle full but then the older you get who flipping cares.

So do I now give in and bring it on, out with a bang is far preferable to groaning into old age and the inevitable.  I do apologise to any of my friends who are struggling with health problems far serious than mine.

But the older you get, sheesh.



Anonymous said...

Well, you've always inspired me to live life to the full, so there. Do you need any practical help? I could come over and whip round with the hoover if you like. (or anything else you need doing) Hang in there, love Tina xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Jill, I am both laughing and sighing at your post! So sorry to hear about these various problems, but I think that attitude is the most important thing of all and you certainly have a fantastic sense of humour and a love of life. So keep laughing, and of course red wine is well known to help keep cholesterol levels down! The "keep away from children" cartoon is very funny too (though also serious in your case).

Take care xox

BadPenny said...

Statins and such didn't suit my mum.

Jill you are amazing - a little of what the doctor ordered & what you order yourself sounds good to me !

Keep well xx

justjill said...

Do you know I was about ready to give up blogging and then I had these lovely supportive comments. So, sorry, will continue boring you all.

Lynn said...

Right the serious stuff - I have heard via friends that it is the cheap generic statins stuff which are horrible. One bloke I know was told by his dr that medics always prescribe themselves the more expensive stuff! Anyways I too have decided not to take them. The cholestrol lowering drinks and spread do work - we have lowered our cholestrol with them. And if you like oats - they lower it too.
The funny stuff - love the pic and your attitude :) Keep doing the fun, happy stuff, have a laugh every day and all will be well.

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare stop blogging! :) xxxx

BadPenny said...

Oh you must not give up. I love your Blog Jill.
I'm amazed at how much you do with the health problems you have & love reading about it.
Keep Calm and Carry on Blogging !


Anonymous said...

Oh please don't give up blogging, Jill! You're such an inspiration and a tonic! xox

rusty duck said...

Don't overdo it in the garden, those sound like tough jobs..

Mum said...

Since having a heart attack about 8 years ago I have been taking statins as well as other concoctions. I have had no ill effects with the one I am on which is Atorvastatin. Not sure about its effects on others though. My cholesterol at the last count was 4. If you are trying to lower your cholesterol without statins just keep getting it checked regularly. I also try to keep active by swimming, gym-ing and dancing as well as normal day to day activities. If you don't use it you'll lose it so keep moving! Mind you from what I read in your blog you don't keep still very often!
Love from Mum

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Goodness! I do hope you mend quickly! Isn't it rather fun getting older?

justjill said...

You bet Dragon fly dreams.x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Glad to read that some of your oomph has returned Jill :) I think I'd feel the same about the statins. I wish I could feel the same about the red wine, but I've been having problems with my gut, and I still have a lot older to get (touch wood)!