Saturday, 19 October 2013


Finally rejoined the land of the living, and a bit of the netherworld too as its all downhill to Halloween.

Kids Activities this week at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.  

One of our volunteers turned out to be ace at face painting.

Hence the wee girl with a green face,  (she doesnt normally have a green face. )

We didnt have as many kids as usual as the Mission of God had descended with a coach and whisked off three quarters of the kids from Fraserburgh.  So, next week when we do our other 'Creatures of the Night ', Santa, we are quaking in our boots awaiting the masses.

Then, Thursday,  Grandchildren arrived.

So, what does the North East of Scotland have to offer.  Where do I start?

Macduff Marine Aquarium.  Had a shark week, got lots of baby sharks, nurtured and released into the sea.

 A grandson, nearly released into the sea.

Two grandsons despite, wind, rain, building sand castles, well, digging......

 Hows this for an ace playpark in Fraserburgh with real diggers.


And Mum checking it out.

A super lunch at Duff House.  Better than John Lewis's I was told.

Also on the beach at Fraserburgh.  Oyster Catchers, posing.


 Grandma down the shed immortalising them into a painting.

We also managed, with help from Granddad a pumpkin.

Happy Halloween.  Me -? All pumpkinned out.


Mum said...

And I'm a little frightened now. He's rather ferocious, isn't he? (The pumpkin not the grandchild!)
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

Super scary pumpkin ! great to see the lighthouse kids & the grandies all having so much fun.
I'm borrowing a friend's grand daughter next week -by special request from the little girl after I had her for three hours once to give my friend a break !