Sunday, 20 October 2013

Virtual Tea Party

Will be next Sunday the 27th at don't miss it, and if you want to see who else will be there visit her blog, you will be most welcome.
My art gallery will be open on the day.

So Work in Progress!  Most of my art work will be on sale at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses Art and Craft Fair on that day.  But my virtual art gallery will also be open just for you.

Cracking on with

 Oyster Catchers.
 And a Fox.

Hopefully by Sunday the obvious mistakes will have been camouflaged!

The Dawn Patroller and I have spent most of the day recovering from two, very active ,grandsons visit, now over.  

Waking at 5 a.m. each morning and hearing In the Night Garden  on the t.v. was not my idea of fun.

And between you and me if I see another lentil or bean........was my cooking so bad half the daughters are vegetarian?



Mum said...

I'm looking forward to the exclusive viewing.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Your artwork is beautiful, Jill! Thanks for the laugh about lentils and beans. You know that vegetarianism is the way to stop global warming, don't you? ;-)

Terra said...

Your paintings are coming along nicely. Ha ha about your cooking causing vegetarianism in children. That made me smile.

BadPenny said...

I'll be there for tea too !
Veggie children... a friend of mine was Quorned out with her veggie daughter; meat ! she wanted to cook meat !

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill - I thought I'd left a comment but either was hallucinating, or it has disappeared. Your art is gorgeous as always.

I will somewhat hold my parents responsible for my own vegetarianism. I always hated most meat and fish, but was forced to eat it... I'm sure you weren't like that though! Having said that I have known people who desperately need to eat meat and are much better for a slice of steak. I'm just not one of those people!