Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ploughing and other farming fun.

Sunday was the annual ploughing competition.  With horses versus tractors.

"Lets see if we can get him to fall over...."

 "On the next turn...."

 Does my bum look big in this?  Well, yes actually.  Just an aside here, but when I was involved with horses a red ribbon on a horse's tail meant it kicked.  Good job he is a ploughshare away from the part that kicks.

Not just the horses working out!

 I often take a break from painting down the shedudio to watch the farmer ploughing in his tractor, or sewing the seed, or riddling, or whatever else they do.  I shut the windows and door when they are spraying, dont want to stunt my growth.

And I often wonder do they end up lop sided or at the least with a very stiff neck?

Am really not sure what this miniature steam engine was for, other than taking the wife and dog out on a Sunday afternoon.  Now there is a Sunday driver that would really get your blood pressure up.

A row of hanging scarecrows.  No idea, no explanation, competition?  Best dressed? Scariest?  No idea.  Other than they have all finished their scarecrowing, everything harvested, so this is where they all hang out afterwards.


Unsure also about the lady in the mauve cardi.  Walking backwards.  Weird.  

What we get up to in the North East of Scotland.


BadPenny said...

Perhaps the cardi lady is a horse whisperer ? What magnificent beasts; I didn't know that about red ribbons on tails.
I love watching the field behind us being ploughed - seagulls following and I always shut the windows when they are crop spraying !
Love the little steam engine - there was one locally at fairs when the kids were little

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I love a good ploughing match!