Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mums Simply Living Virtual Tea Party.

Welcome.  Hope you are enjoying the other attendees to this Tea Party.

You are most welcome to my Art Gallery.  No tea, only wine, ready?  

I took up drawing and painting on my retirement from running a bed and breakfast in the North East of Scotland two years ago.

This is me painting the outside of my shedudio.  Inside is where I do most of my painting, drawing and some pen and ink.  In there is also the Wall of Infamy, where the ones I consider to be crap are put up to remind me of what not to do.

But here are some for you to wander past with glass in hand ( I will make tea for those who do not imbibe and the Dawn Patroller does ace canapes.)

My business name is Buchan Birds and Beasts.  I will eventually get around to having a web site!  I love to draw and paint the birds and beasts that share my world.  Oyster Catchers are one of my favourite birds.  Gannets are my main favourite.

I have a very soft spot for hens, this one is a French Hen , as she is about to eat a snail!  We no longer have hens as we are now downsized and have not the energy we once had.


I also love the different kinds of seals we have around us.  My partner, the Dawn Patroller, walks a lot (I only use wheels) and returns with the photographs from which I do some of my paintings.

 I struggled with trying to capture this Fox, but eventually was well pleased, and hope you enjoy also.

Just one more and then you can visit the other stalls.

Lovely to meet you, please do come back.


BadPenny said...

Ah what a lovely start to the day Jill - mine's a cuppa for now but will join you for a glass of red later.
I have a soft spot for seals so will say that is my favourite but I do love your birds.
Have a lovely day & don't get too tired with all your visitors popping in !

rusty duck said...

Oh, wonderful Jill!
The fox is exquisite.

Anonymous said...

Fair enjoyed my visit...and the milky coffee was lovely...thanks! :) xxx

A Trifle Rushed said...

What stunningly beautiful paintings, I particularly love the oyster catchers, they take me straight to Brittany. I love watching them and then seeing the flurry of flight, when they are slightly spooked.
Thank you for sharing your work
Jude x

Mum said...

Well, I know it's early, and I did refuse a drink earlier but, seeing as it's you, and seeing as it's wine, how can I refuse? A canapé would be delis, thank you, DP. My favourite pictures are of the oyster catchers.
Love from Mum

Joanne Retzler said...

Very nice work. Lovely! I love the chicken and the fox, especially, as they remind me of my past life! Wine is fine, thank you! Enjoy your day. xxoo JO

Carol said...

Just had tea with Mum and on my visits to others in the tea party. I love your paintings but my favourite has to be the fox, It has quite an intense expression. Off to visit some more now

Jane and Chris said...

Holy Moly! I'm a retired wildlife rehabilitator and LOVE your artwork,my specialty was birds.If you find the oyster catchers painting has gone'll know where to find it!!
Jane x