Sunday, 27 October 2013

Apologies and other stuff related.

For most of this week I have been very busy so have been using my tablet rather than lap top, (which doesnt sit on my lap, but on my desk at home.)   
For some reason I have been unable to sign in so as to process my comments on all the blogs I follow.  Most frustrating, Rusty Duck I want to know when to prune my hydrangeas......

 I type away, then when it comes to signing in blogger/google gets the jitters so I cant .  Promise to catch up with you all that are in my column of blogs I follow in the next week.

So what have I been up to?

Kids Activity Mornings.   The last this year, phew.

Reindeer, after drawing round hands and a foot, cut out shapes, apply paint, google eyes.
 Making cards.

 Christmas Crackers.

More reindeers.

 My friend, above,  who usually manages to mess up my story time. (But this time he hadnt read Slinky Malinkey and the Christmas Fairy, hah.) (So I was allowed to read without any of his corrections.) He tends to do his own thing at our Activity Mornings, so I have no idea what he is proudly displaying.

 Yet more reindeer, but made differently, so much so, the kids had to tell me what to do.

Then today not only had I to ensure I was ready for Mums Virtual Tea Party, see previous post, but it was the Art and Craft Fair at the Lighthouse Museum which I had organised.

I will not bore you with what I had to do. Suffice it to say it was a shadow of my former self that did not do battle with the seasoned crafters who totally browbeated me as to where they would display, on which table, how many - despite only having paid for one table, and ended up with my table being unable  to be viewed by any other than a high jumper aiming for the olympics.  

 Thats me, right at the back.  But I did sell the stoat, if you hit on the pic he is below right to the hen.  I was amazed, who on earth wanted a picture of a stoat on their wall.  But the purchaser said it reminded her of her greyhound.  Now stoats have very short legs, my knowledge of greyhounds is that they have much longer legs.......Hey ho.

These were some of the very nice, lovely stall holders.  The one who placed her stall under my chin I have not shown. Huh.

We had a visit from a very nice chap from Trading Standards.  Which appeared to put the fear of god into the stall holder who had beaten me into a corner, who I then strongly suspected of selling stolen goods, money laundering, murder, but then I was being silly. 

 We also had the local paper press photographer who took a photo of every stall, took details of who they were and what they were selling, and promised me every photo would be published.  Do I believe him? On past performance, No.

At the end of the day however I had managed to raise a healthy sum for my beloved Museum.

Slightly marred by me finding the car had a flat battery and I couldnt get home as swiftly as I had wished to finish off the wine from Mums Virtual Tea Party.  However a very dishy Frenchman saved me and pushed me off to jump start and go - tho I was sorely tempted to stop and thank him in the way French people do with lots of kisses.

So apologies to all as stated above and the French man who only got a toot on the horn.



rusty duck said...

There is something about a Frenchman that makes me go all wobbly at the knees. It's the accent I think.
Here is the link you need:

Anonymous said...

well it was a beautiful event, and what wonderful creations, lucky talented children!

BadPenny said...

You do make me smile Jill. The thought of you giving the evils to that stall holder !
Fabulous Reindeer. I love the idea of drawing around feet & hands to make the shape.
Did you blow the French man a kiss ?