Tuesday, 14 January 2020


I had a solo trip to the Prom.

I got out of the car.  It was cold.  Windy altho not as bad as yesterday.

Still quite a wild sea.

Gulls sheltering by the rocks.

A big boat still riding out the remains of the storm.

Back home and into the Shedudio.  Which is why I went out on my own so the DP could light the stove and feed the birds.

What an untidy mess.  I must find some energy to sort this  out.

Today I watched the birds.

The new fatball feeder is very popular.  Altho the plan was it would encourage a visit from Long Tailed Tits.  Not yet.

One of our five Robins.

Garden Bird Watch this year 25th - 27th.  Check out the RSPB website.  You do it for an hour.  I can guarantee during that hour no bird will appear!

I am having problems with my loo.  Flush - fills up.  Then cistern does not fill up.  Really annoying.  And strange noises when it does fill up.  As always the DP is not concerned as its a minor problem he says.  We also have a nightly disagreement about the woodburner being 'fed' or otherwise.  I have seen it go out.  He then has to relay it and relight which takes far more effort than sticking a log on every so often..Is it me?


Jules said...

I have signed up for this year's garden birdwatch but sadly, for some reason, we don't get birds many here. I'm still hopeful. X

Sue in Suffolk said...

The rain and wind here seems to have frightened all birds away. Hope they re-appear before bird-watch day

Jean said...

I used to do the garden bird watch but gave up a few years ago. It was normal to look out of my kitchen window and see plenty of birds including several goldfinches. During the hour of the bird watch I would hardly see anything and no goldfinches.

mamasmercantile said...

Thank goodness the winds here have stopped if only for a short time. A joy to see the robin.