Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Queen is a bit worried.

The road from Ballater to Braemar.  The latter is the place the Queen likes to live in her castle there.  And rumoured where she wants to retire to.  (As if!! Retire?!)

This came up as 

"The road from Ballatar to Braemar is closed. Its gone."

A castle nearby to the Queen's is now feet away from the river.

(Daily Mail)

Surely now Mr Cameron will have to start throwing some money at flood defences.  Proper money and flood defences that work.  Or at the very least listen to what Nature is telling him.

We have been listening to nature since yesterday.  The wind is currently in the 40mph bracket, gusting to much more. This has been forecast to be with us most of the week.  Half of our house is old and has granite walls.  The other half and the upstairs is far more modern.  Guess which bit howls and shakes.

The Dawn Patroller was out this evening.

Waves as high as two double decker buses.  So they closed the road to stop idiot photographers getting drowned.

Or getting their feet wet.

And this is where I would park before walking the esplanade.  Foam from the pounding waves.

I dont know about the Queen being worried but I am not amused.

Happy New Year everyone.


Lilly's Mom said...

Wow, winter has arrived in your area. We're expecting a week of el nino rains beginning tonight...stay safe and dry

rusty duck said...

I just saw a similar photo on the BBC website, crazy weather. Not a good day for walking! Keep warm.

busybusybeejay said...

I saw on the lunchtime news about the castle.Absolutely awful.Keep warm and keep safe and don't let your husband go out!!!

Mum said...

I hope you are on high ground. Keep safe.

BadPenny said...

poor poor castle. Too much rain here when some have none x