Thursday, 21 January 2016


Broadsea is a community situated in Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland. It is a long-standing fishing community at the north edge of Fraserburgh.  Wikepedia.

My daily walks along the prom at Fraserburgh have continued.  But today I fancied a change.  Broadsea js as said above.  There is no gap between Fraserburgh and Broadsea.  You just turn off the main road leading to the town centre and immediately the houses are the typical fisher persons cottages.

There is a 'main' street which I drove down.  This leads eventually to the sea.  Past a sign that says 'Road Closed' (It didnt look like it was so I ignored it.) which led me to a pull in car park.  

Facing the sea.

I could then go left or right.

I went left.  Arrived at a slope.  Ok a gentle slope but the way the ice cold wind had already sliced my legs off at the knee I knew I would have difficulty getting back up the slope.  So I turned the other way.  Serious house envy with the position of these 'new builds'.  Looking out over the sea.  

As I got back to where the car was parked I was frozen through to the bone so decided to call it a day and come back another day to go the other way.

When I come back from my walk I go to the shedudio and with last remaining light I draw and paint.

Here is one I finished .  Mute Swans.

But whatever I do I can never compete with Nature.  From about 6p.m. last night we watched in awe.

Aurora Borealis.


Anonymous said...

oh so beautiful swans,,, you had a beautiful walk,, it does look cold though..

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