Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Blowing in the Wind.

Since New Years Day I have been confined to the house..  Due to the strong winds, driving rain, and it continues.

My walk is now a 14 lap trundle round the dining room and kitchen.

Pretty boring. 

The Dawn Patroller has been out and about as have many of his photographing friends.

Fraserburgh beach and the esplanade covered in white foam.

Waves breaking over the 'Golden Horn' (Harbour lighthouse.) Andy Winton.

The harbours, Aberdeen, Peterhead, Fraserburgh are all full with boats sheltering.  Those that cant get in go round the corner into the Moray Firth, anchor and wait it out.

James Alexander.

The wind created a sand dune on the esplanade.

This photo - the walkway from the road towards the beach normally has grass on either side.  

Here come the Council to shift the sand back!

Severe gales forecast tonight.........

Sadly many sea birds are suffering.  This Shag was blown into the village.  Confused and disorientated .  The DP could do no more than take a pic.  All the drivers were slowing and going round it.  Sadly some idiot later ran over it. In a 20m.p.h zone.

Many Little Auks are having to be rescued and taken to the New Arc our local wildlife rescue centre.  Many have died.

So I am not complaining.  Well - just a bit.  Although my walking has, I am sure, meant my current bout of pleurisy is no way as bad as it has been before.

The blowing is to ease on Friday.  Oh and there's snow forecast tomorrow. Bored?  Never.

Live anywhere else?  Never.


busybusybeejay said...

exciting weather'!!Great photos.Hope your health continues to improve.Barbara

Lilly's Mom said...

You are experiencing severe weather. We are in the midst of our first El nino storm here in southern California with very heavy rainfall. Take care, Pat

Terra said...

The gigantic waves breaking near the light house are daunting. Sorry that sea bird got run over. We have been praying for rain here in California and now we are having lots of rain.