Thursday, 14 January 2016


Time to re-join the human race.  Pleurisy all gone.  Lunch with the DP at The Dunes Golf Centre, Fraserburgh.

This is now my favourite refreshment stop. On the ground floor with easy access to loos, disabled or otherwise, and the most delicious food and one of the best cappuccinos ever.

The views are not as exciting as from the Lighthouse Cafe, on the first floor with stunning sea views.  But I can no longer face the lurching stair lift which by the time it gets upstairs everyone else has been served, and finished......

The Dunes is a Driving Range separate but next to the Fraserburgh Golf Club.  A driving range  is where you can go and hit a ball and not get wet.

There are also screens elsewhere so you can pretend you are on one of the famous golf courses, reality t.v?  You swipe and it records your accuracy, distance etc. Weird.

The Dunes also does a lot to get young people involved in the game of golf which I applaud.  Not necessarily the golf in particular, but anything that gets them off their proverbial.....

My daily exercise continues.  Ploughing up and down the prom - and a plough might be needed.  I am sure whoever works out how to affix a wine glass to the chariot could make me a plough to affix also!

At the grand age of 66 I finally find pleasure in walking.  Which is quite a shock to me.  I am now addicted and get twitchy if the weather looks as if it is going to prevent me.  Only very strong winds prevent me.  Mainly as I do not weigh much and have been literally blown over!  We are so fortunate in the North East of Scotland that most days are like today.  Bloody cold tho.

Surfers are present most days.  We had a few words when I first started walking as they parked in 'my' disabled spot.  I hate confrontation.  But it was also my marker for the distance I walked (petty?)  Now its big grins all round and 'How ya doin.' which I much prefer.

Had my hair done, back at Art group, it snowed.



Anonymous said...

I lost you for a while but finally found you again lol,
such weather you have had in your country, very scary for sure, your photos are beautiful though and I think its great that you have come to love walking ,, they say use it or lose it, lol,, best wishes from Canada!

Mum said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. Keep being your normal self - whatever 'normal' might be.

Marjorie said...

I am glad you are well again. Nice you have a spot to go out for a snack etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have caught the walking bug. I know just what you mean about getting twitchy if you think you might not be able to go for a walk. And I have nothing like the marvellous vistas that you do! Look after yourself. X

Terra said...

Nice you and the surfers are on peaceful terms and that you enjoy walking. I am retired too and enjoy walking, and often see surfers, though on the Pacific ocean, far from you and your beautiful waves.

BadPenny said...

glad you were able to sort out the parking. I get twitchy if I don't walk so that' s what I'm off to do right now with the dawg xx