Friday, 8 January 2016

Flood Alert!

Warning issued this afternoon for the whole of Aberdeenshire.  Just a little late for the Hidden Corner where I live.  As usual we are left out of it  But not being totally stupid when water comes in above the window and into the house, down the wall, filled the sill, which is as you can see quite a deep one and pools on the floor.....

(This a posh photo taken when we had the house up for sale.)  The water was dripping off the wooden edge of the ceiling of the window.  Of course this was discovered in the evening when it was dark.  The wind was strong and blowing the rain horizontally.  Towels out, three big bath sheets replaced three times during the night.

This morning the DP ventured out to do his morning tasks, feed the birds, bring in the wood etc and saw the gully up the lane was blocked and therefore all the water from fields, the lane across was hurtling down to us, into the drive and into the garage and was inches away from entering the front door.

He went and cleared the gully and I watched the 'flood' ebb away.

The road our lane goes to.

I wont bore you with loads of pictures of floods.  Suffice it to say Fraserburgh is now cut off with all roads in and out closed.

Apart from our little lane.

Passable with care.  So as the rain eased off and the wind disappeared I got out.

And walked.  

Till stopped by the blown sand.

It was still bliss.  Me and him/her the only ones on the very sandy and wet Esplanade.

So.  Flood alert.  We got off lightly.  Many others did not and my heart goes out to them.  Its scary when Nature takes over. But there is always a cessation.  More rain tonight. But I see a break another  cessation for a few hours tomorrow so I shall be out.  

As will the DP of course checking the gully is clear.  We are on flood alert!

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busybusybeejay said...

take care when you are out and about.Fingers crossed you miss the flooding