Thursday, 28 January 2016

Now see here.

Every day, unless its blowing a gale,(forecast tomorrow 30 mph winds gusting to 45 mph) I walk on Fraserburgh Esplanade. The locals deride the Esplanade term despite it being on all the sign posts. 

To them it is the Prom.  

Now I can and have managed to walk 20 gusting to 30mph although it was hard work.  If I let go of the chariot which I did when pausing to take a photograph the chariot goes off on its own and leaves me stranded until kind dog walkers fetch it back.

The pink balloon  is part of my rubbish collection on my walks.  I hate and detest balloons and want them banned. They damage wildlife and farm animals.  Why people let off balloons in memory of someone is beyond me as they are just sending up something that will kill some more.  Add to the banned list the flaming lanterns or whatever they are called. That do even more damage such as setting things on fire.

Today I did not manage my usual .58 of a mile as yesterday I went for my (ir)regular blow job check up at the chest clinic.  They could hear a 'crackle' .  Which indicated yet another chest infection/pleurisy start of. Now I had gone into that clinic feeling as high as a kite.  I was going to knock that blow job into the stratosphere but was not then allowed to blow.  and am back on antibiotics AND told to take it steady.  So I did half the walk and found out that I could take a video and download it.

So here it is for your delectation.

Turn the sound up and you can hear the wind.

At the end of the day the central heating goes off and the wood burner is lit.  Cait Sith our 13 year old cat Sith enjoying.

Cait Sith is Gaelic for Fairy Cat.  When we got him from the Cat Protection he was a wee skittery thing - hence the name but then he just grew and grew. So now he is Sith.  Being from Yorkshire I now call him Sithee which means now see here.  


Lilly's Mom said...

Lilly sends her meows to Cait Sith. I hope you feel better soon.

Mum said...

Sending get well greetings to you. Stay in with Sith.
PS I can't get your video to work. It's just behaving like a picture.

justjill said...

Thanks Mum, not sure what to do about the video. It worked on facebook. But I just got a picture too on here. Its quite boring just the waves. Hooe to be back walking soon but we have Gertrude and gales and floods today and more tomorrow. Hope all well at your end.

Anonymous said...

How funny, Sithee... Really sorry that you aren't well, but very glad they picked it up early. I hope Gertrude wasn't too nasty to you. And I agree about letting balloons off outdoors. I have always felt disapproving but have never heard anyone else say the same. Take care, Jill. X